Are your assisted living residents having trouble swallowing?

Get a quick diagnosis in your facility, using mobile FEES.

Properly diagnosing swallow issues can be difficult. Video imaging is essential, yet can be costly and challenging. Waiting several weeks for outpatient appointments and assessment results, as well as arranging transportation outside your facility, can be complicated and difficult for residents, families and practitioners alike.

We know first-hand the dilemma of residents being “stuck” on pureed foods and thickened liquids, losing weight, and/or suffering aspiration pneumonia because they are too weak or otherwise medically compromised to travel out of their facility for a swallow imaging assessment.

We support you and your residents with accessible and accurate FEES assessment and Dysphagia education.

We’ve combined mobile FEES technology with over a decade of clinical and administrative experience.  We make swallow imaging easier by bringing it to residents in the comfort of their own environment. 

So you can help your residents get back to the highest possible quality of life.


– Video imaging is crucial for accurate identification of aspiration, especially silent aspiration, and other swallow structure anomalies.

– Video imaging provides critical information to the treating  SLP and physician.

– The research is clear, bedside assessments alone accurately diagnoses swallowing capacity only  60%-75% of the time (even by experienced therapists). Inaccurate diagnosis can lead to unnecessary food restrictions, inadequate treatment, and can put individuals at risk for aspiration and choking. [Reference]


1) FEES 

Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallow


Modified Barium Swallow Study

Both are medically recognized as evidence-based standards, but only FEES can be done without radiation or barium, in the comfort of an individual’s residence with familiar foods and drink. [Reference]

FEES is the Preferred Choice for onsite video imaging assessment

Speech therapists can only see so much at a bedside exam. Silent aspiration, tissue swelling, secretion aspiration, and structural abnormalities can only be seen with an imaging assessment.


Shows real tissue and detailed movement of swallow structures

Swelling, nodules, vocal fold paralysis, strictures, intubation scarring, etc. MBSS is an x-ray that primarily shows bone structures vs soft tissue

Detects silent aspiration, excess secretions and poor secretion management


No exposure to radiation. No swallowing barium.


Easily tolerated by resident and portable

Video swallow in the comfort of their own environment with familiar food



Easily performed with resident sitting upright or in bed

e.g. medically complex, morbidly obese residents or those needing maximum assist for transfer

Easier to schedule in a timely manner


Less expensive than outpatient video swallow

e.g. expensive medical transportation, radiologist costs, barium costs, SLP costs plus other staff/materials needed for x-ray, etc. Reference

Resident able to complete entire meal if needed during imaging

vs. MBSS quick  “snap-shot” in time, limited by protecting radiation time

We are a family-owned business, committed to helping other families:

Linda L Richards, MS, SLP-CCC

Clinical Director and Lead Speech Pathologist

Linda Richards is the clinical director of Insight Swallow and lead speech pathologist performing onsite FEES assessments. She has her license and Masters of Science Degree in Speech-Language Pathology. Linda has over 13 years of experience in clinical and video assessment of dysphagia, as well as significant experience in neuro rehab, presenting at conferences/ community events, and a partner in clinical research.  She is also a two-time ACE Award winner and a member of the ASHA Special Interest Group – Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders.

Brandi Olson


  • 15 years experience in business and product development
  • Expertise in human-centered design, organizational learning and change, and agile leadership

By the way, Sam and Brandi are business partners, and partners in life.

Sam Olson


  • 10 years experience in small business management and operations
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